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“If I knew that cutting out food groups would put my future bone health at risk I would have paid more attention to what I ate. Calcium and vitamin D are so important – make sure you get plenty in your diet now - before it’s too late”

a message to your younger self this World Osteoporosis Day.

October 20th is World Osteoporosis Day and we’re celebrating by sharing hundreds of your messages that you want to pass on to your younger self - to teach the next generation about the importance of building strong bones. You can read the messages here. You'll also find lots of great information and ideas on keeping bones healthy along with hints and tips to get your family talking about bone health. You can help to spread the word and show your support by sending your own message or favourite family recipe.


A healthy balanced diet is vital for good bone health. Explore and share tried-and-tested family recipe ideas.


Weight-bearing exercise is essential for healthy bones. Walk with your family this Summer for good bone health.

Your message...

Read and share your messages with a younger generation on the importance of keeping bones healthy.


There’s no better place for a family chat than over a delicious meal

It’s so important to build good bone strength in early adulthood. You can find out why here, along with some inspiration for balanced, healthy and bone friendly recipes that you can serve up for yourself and your family.

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Have a walk with your family and friends – it’s brilliant exercise for all ages and a great opportunity to talk.

We all know walking is great for our bones and better still, it gives us all the opportunity to have a chat, especially if we’re walking with younger relatives. This Summer we want to help you to take healthy exercise with your family.

Take on a walking challenge

If you or your family would like to join in something to stretch yourselves, you could take part in our 206 Challenge and walk 206 miles in 2017 – one mile for every bone in the body.

How you meet the 206 target is up to you. Find out more…

Your Message

Tell us what you would say if you could pass a message on to your younger self about keeping bones healthy.

It’s so important to build good bone strength in early adulthood. By the time we get into our thirties the opportunity may have passed. Share the message you would give to your younger self with the next generation – and help start conversations about bone health.

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"I would tell my younger self that you must make sure you get plenty of Calcium and Vitamin D in your diet and keep as active as possible. Osteoporosis isn't just something that happens when your older, It could happen to you in your 30's like it has to me. So please make sure when your growing up you make your bones the strongest they can be."

Beccy Issitt, Lincolnshire

"From a young age, eat more food rich in calcium. Have more weight-bearing exercise every day."

Mary Queenan, London

"To keep healthy bones eat well and always do exercises that will help your bones. And love yourself!!! So you can enjoy your life."

Ann Pruce, Hampshire

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