10 dairy-free sources of calcium

13 Apr 2017

Whilst dairy is a key source of calcium - one of the nutrients vital for good bone health - there are plenty of alternative sources of calcium for people who choose to follow a vegan diet, or who have an intolerance to dairy.

1 – Steamed tofu | 510mg per 100g


2 – Calcium fortified soya yoghurt and soya custard | 190mg per 150g

3 – Calcium fortified soya milk | 178mg per 200ml

Soya milk

4 – Boiled curly kale | 143mg per 95g


5 – Tahini (sesame paste) | 129mg per heaped teaspoon

6 – Dried figs | 100mg per 40g (2 figs)


7 – Stir-fried okra | 88mg per 40g (8 medium okra)


8 – Sesame seeds | 80mg per tablespoon

Sesame Seeds

9 – Oranges | 75mg per 160g (one medium orange, peeled)


10 – Red kidney beans | 75mg per 3 tablespoons (105g)

Red kidney beans

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